When we were together at the launch we talked about two calls to action:

  1. brand the province of New Brunswick as a leader in mentorship, and
  2. get a TEDx from a New Brunswicker on TED.com.


Be a connector, make introductions, and create the opportunities. Start by asking those you know, “Who’s your mentor?” If they can’t lay claim to having a mentor in their life, then help them find one. Get out your cell phone have a look through Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn all your contacts. Let’s make New Brunswick as a leader in mentoring. 

According to a very recent episode of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, New Brunswick is nothing more than a province full of trees and that we’re known for trees and nothing else — and they mean  n o t h i n g  else! I know they’re trying to be funny, but still, I have to disagree. 

What we’re actually famous for is being friendly, being connected, and being really really really socially networked. This has always been a strength for us, that’s why we can do this.

Together we can brand New Brunswick as a leader in mentorship!


The second call to action is significant because there is no talk from a New Brunswicker on TED.com — not one! 

Are you asking yourself, “why not?”

I know I did.

Well, it turns out TEDx Talk videos are stored away on TEDx’s Youtube Channel and that TEDx Talk videos must earn their way to be included on the official TED.com website.

To be moved to the official TED.com website will take a lot of views and then some…


We had a full house that Sunday at Vault 29.  About 165 people attended the launch event and since November 5th views of  Mentorship is Broken: Here’s How to Hack It! have increased to 12,140 views.


While views have increased, the TEDx Talk video will need more views to get the attention of the folks at TED.com, and  I really could use your help with this.

I’m asking if you could share my TEDx Talk on your social media platforms of choice and use the hashtags: #tagMYmentor @TEDtalks #NBproud #Mentorship #AccidentalDoctor

Thank you to the Screening Launch Team.

And thank you to everyone who attended and for your very kind words of congratulations. I was truly overwhelmed by your support.

What I personally enjoyed the most about the afternoon was hearing so many people speaking with such passion about mentorship. So many of you came up to me and recounted stories of former and current mentors and the impact of mentorship in your life, and this wasn’t only with me. Moving through the crowd I heard snippets of conversations about what happens when mentors are present. 

If you have any thoughts or feedback on how to increase views to Mentorship is Broken, please let me know. My personal email is Roxanne_Reeves@hotmail.com.  

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#tagMymentor Shares and Likes Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the #tagMymentor Shares and Likes Contest. Nicki Falavena, you are the winner of a NB Liquor $100.00 gift card.

Standing Room Only At Launch of TEDx, Mentorship is Broken





Standing Room Only At Launch of TEDx, Mentorship is Broken

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