Research has proven that coaching after seminars and keynotes turns ideas into action. This combination can have long-lasting and powerful change for your group/team or organization.  Group coaching also helps the keynote or seminar’s messages “stick” in a lasting and meaningful way.

Roxanne can provide a series of small, extended coaching groups via conference call. This gives participants an opportunity to engage in focused conversations and problem solving. They share successes, present challenges, receive peer feedback and clear direction in the safe environment she created.

Why Group Coaching? 

  • It is a chance to consolidate and apply key learnings
  • Participants open up and focus on their goals in a safe environment
  • It takes learning to the next level

How does it Work? 

  • Each group coaching session lasts 1 – 2 hours and is conducted by conference call.
  • 4-6 participants who have attended Roxanne’s keynotes and training classes are enrolled by the organization.
  • Each participant completes an action plan before the call and comes prepared to discuss successes and challenges.

What Happens in the Session?
The flow of each coaching session generally includes these components:

  • Intros and rapport building
  • Review of key learnings from the class or keynote
  • Sharing and celebration of successful action steps
  • Celebrate completed action steps
  • Share solutions to address remaining challenges
  • Summarizing and setting of new goals