What reverse mentoring is, is that younger employees would be the mentor to CEOs, senior executives, and managers and they would be the mentee.

Insight is a Precious Commodity: How Reverse Mentoring Can Work for You.

This role reversal is a competitive response to innovation,
providing valuable insights to respond well to industry and marketplace changes and
navigate challenges and opportunities to attracting, onboarding, training, retaining talent and senior talent attrition.

You may know what mentoring is, and you may be mentoring others, but how many of you are a mentoree?

Reverse mentoring is a radical argument for a particular type of knowledge mobility. It recasts our current understanding of traditional relationships and flips the structure. It is a 21st-century framework for critical thought and authentic experiential and social learning.

For veteran-mentorees it creates an invaluable opportunity to prepare for the future and increase brain elasticity.

In this program, for veteran professionals at all levels, Roxanne frames knowledge transfer and knowledge mobility in a way that allows new ways of seeing the potential in new products and services, the workplace, and future worlds.
Access to millennial-as-mentor or junior mentors can increase thought flexibility.
It can spark insights into the culture, aspirations, and consumer habits of Gen Yers.

The value of reverse mentoring is obvious: senior leaders stay on the pulse of trends.

This one-hour session can be expanded and presented as a half or full day deep-dive training workshop. You will learn:

  • Why reverse mentorship—Why now
  • Where things can go wrong in the mentor-learner relationship
  • The 5 critical steps of success
  • The physiological benefit of pushing yourself beyond entrenched systems and assumptions to ask, “Is there a better way?”
  • Practical approaches you can apply in today’s diverse workplace to engage in intentional and authentic mentoring conversations
  • The connection between mentorship, the engagement of intellectual pursuits and countering age-related cognitive decline

Live link: Mentoring’s Broken: Here’s How to Hack It