In this 2017 Moncton TEDx talk, I speak to my passion for mentorship. A passion that has been driven by my direct experience with stigma and learning disabilities. A chance meeting with a future mentor profoundly changed my life. My story challenges how we think about mentorship, gives powerful advice about how to hack mentoring and introduces the concept of reverse mentoring.

Reverse mentorship is about flipping the power structure and recognizing the power of diversity.  It recognizes that we all have the capability to enrich the lives of others. The power of mentored learning, real-life experiential learning and building relationships are resources that are seldom tapped and utilized to their full potential.

Reverse mentoring is a radical way of thinking . It requires a new way of examining ourselves and others and a willingness to shed old perspectives and assumptions. Flipping the structure of traditional mentoring relationships, reverse mentoring provides a framework for critical thought, a glimpse into the future and a new way of seeing the potential in new products and services, the workplace and relationships.

Live link: Mentoring’s Broken: Here’s How to Hack It